Phone cover crochet pattern

Crochet phone cover

Phone cover crochet patternYOU WILL NEED

Rowan Cotton Glace (100% cotton, 50g/115m)

1 ball of each: Twilight (829), Ecru (725) and Poppy (741)

A 4mm (US G/6) crochet hook

Tapestry needle


7.5x13cm (3x5 1/4in)


20dc and 22 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) using a 4mm hook.


Pattern is worked in rows from starting ch and then seamed up the sides.



Using Twilight and 4mm hook, ch15.

Row 1 (RS) 1dc into second ch from hook, 1dc into each ch to end, turn. [14 dc]

Row 2 Ch1 (does not count as st), 1dc into each st to end, turn.

Row 3 Repeat Row 2, joining Ecru on final st, turn.

Rows 4-6 Repeat Row 2 using Ecru, joining Twilight on final st of Row 6, turn.

Rows 7-9 Repeat Row 2 using Twilight, joining Ecru on final st of Row 9, turn.

Rows 10-27 (Repeat Rows 4 to 9) 3 times.

Rows 28-30 Repeat Rows 4 to 6 in Ecru, do not join Twilight at end of Row 30.

Fasten off.


Rotate work, join Twilight in remaining loop of edge of beg ch, work 1dc into each ch to the end, turn. [14 dc]

Repeat Rows 2 to 30.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Lay out flat and block cover to size. You will be adding the anchor before you sew up the cover.


Using the diagram (right) as a guide, surface crochet in Poppy yarn onto the RS of one side of the cover. If you want, trace the anchor and cut out to give you a guide as to where to place it. You will be inserting the hook in between the double crochet stitches on the cover, so the stitches will act as a guide for spacing your surface crochet stitches evenly.

Starting with yarn on WS of work, insert hook into required space, pick up yarn and draw through, holding on to the tail on the reverse so that it doesn't slip through. *Insert hook into next space and draw yarn through (2 loops on hook), draw 2nd loop through 1st loop to create the slip stitch; repeat from * until you have created your anchor.

When complete, cut yarn and draw yarn through to RS. Using a tapestry needle sew over the first ss worked for a seamless finish.

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Now work a row of surface crochet around the top opening of the phone pocket on both opening edges about 1 row down, leaving tails so that you can neaten up when sides are stitched together.


Gently steam over the piece, do not put iron onto the fabric as it will flatten the stitches too much.

With RS together, use mattress stitch to sew up sides for a neat finish.

Weave in ends, including the surface crochet at the top of the pocket.

Turn the cover the right side out and using a hook or knitting needle, gently push out the corners so they sit neatly. Gently steam over again.

Stitch Diagram