Zipped cardigan knitting pattern

Cardigan knitting patternSIZE S (M:L:1XL:2XL)


2 sets 4mm (UK 8/US 6) circular needles, 40cm and 80cm long

1 set 4mm (UK 8/US 6) double-pointed needles (DPNs)

2.5mm (UK 13-12/US 1-2) crochet hook Open-ended zip fastener, approx. 63 (66:67:68:70) cm long


24 sts and 28 rows to 10cm over st st and colourwork charts on 4mm needles

Note: Snaeldan yarn is designed to be knitted with a slightly looser tension than you might expect for a yarn of this weight, to allow for a little fulling to happen in the washing process. Be certain that the colourwork does not distort the tension. If necessary, work all two-colour rounds with a set of larger needles in order to obtain consistent tension.


Nine stitches of the steek are not included in the total stitch counts. Work steek in alternating colours on two-colour rounds (in vertical stripes), beginning and ending with 1 st in yarn D. Work single-colour rounds of steek in one colour. Stitches are picked up for the zip openings using the first (and last) steek stitches as a guide.

When working colourwork charts, work two-colour rows with larger needles and work single-colour rows with smaller needles if needed to maintain consistent tension. Change to longer circular needles when necessary.


Using 4mm circular needles, 40cm long, and yarn A, cast on 109 (121:133:145:154) sts, pm, cast on 9 more sts for steek, pm and join to work in the round.

Work Chart A as follows:

Size S only

Work rnds 1-68 of Chart A, skipping rnds 5, 11, and 16.

All sizes except Size S

Work rnds 1-68 of Chart A.

All sizes

361 (401:441:481:511) sts and 9 steek sts.

Cut all yarns except A. Cont in st st if necessary until yoke rneas 23 1/2 (24 1/2: 25 1/2:27:28 1/2) cm from cast-on.


Next rnd: K54 (60:66:73:79) sts for Left Front, place next 72 (80:88:94:97) sts on holder for Sleeve, cast on 14 (16:18:18:20) sts for underarm, K109 (121:133:147:159) sts for Back, place next 72 (80:88:94:97) sts on holder for Sleeve, cast on 14 (16:18:18:20) sts for underarm, knit to end of steek.

245 (273:301:329:357) sts and 9 Steek sts.

Cont even in st st until work meas approx. 30 1/2 (32 1/2:32 1/2:32 1/2:33) cm from underarm, or 9cm shorter than total desired length.

Next rnd: Beginning with st 1, work Chart B to steek mrk, ending with st 1, slm, work steek sts.

Cont in patt as set until rnd 9 of Chart B has been completed. Break all yarns except A.

Knit 1 rnd.

Next rnd: Knit in yarn A to steek mrk, decreasing 37 (41:45:45:49) sts evenly across body sts. Remove mrk, knit first 2 steek sts, cast off next 5 sts, P1 (to end of rnd), remove mrk.

212 (236:260:288:312) sts.

Piece will now be worked back and forth. First 2 sts of next row have already been worked.

Next row (RS): P1, (K2, P2) to last st, P1.

Next row (WS): P1, (K2, P2) to last 3 sts, K2, P1. 

Next row (RS): K1, (P2, K2) to last 3 sts, P2, K1.

Rep last 2 rows until rib meas approx. 5cm. Cast off in patt.


Using 4mm circular needles, 40cm long, and yarn A, knit across 72 (80:88:94:97) held sts of sleeve, pick up and knit 7 (8:9:9:10) sts to middle of underarm, pm for beg of rnd, pick up and knit 7 (8:9:9:10) sts to edge of underarm and join to work in the rnd. 86 (96:106:112:117) sts.

Work in st st for 4 (4:4:3:2) cm.

Dec rnd: K1, K2tog, knit to last 3 sts, SSK, K1. 2 sts dec'd.

Rep Dec rnd every foll 8th (6th:5th:5th:5th) rnd, 10 (15:18:21:23) times more, changing to DPNs when necessary.

64 (64:68:68:69) sts.

Work even in st st until sleeve measures 38 (40:42:44:46) cm, dec 0 (0:0:0:1) st at end of last rnd. 64 (64:68:68:68) sts.

Work Chart B as folls:

Size S only

Work through 9 rnds of Chart B, skipping rnd 5.

All sizes except Size S

Work rnds 1-9 of Chart B.

All sizes

Break all yarns except A and knit 1 rnd.

Next rnd: Knit, dec 12 (12:12:8:8) sts evenly across. 52 (52:56:60:60) sts.

Next rnd: (K2, P2) around.

Rep last rnd until sleeve measures approx. 46 1/2 (47 1/2:49 1/2:49 1/2:49 1/2) cm from underarm.

Cast off in patt.

Repeat for other sleeve.


Using 4mm circular needles, 40cm long, with yarn A and RS facing, and starting at beginning of steek, pick up and knit 9 sts across steek sts, pm, then pick up and knit 109 (121:133:145:154) sts around neck to beginning of rnd. Join to work in the rnd (do not place mrk). 109 (121:133:145:154) collar sts and 9 steek sts.

Next rnd: Knit to next mrk, decreasing 17 (25:25:29:30) sts evenly across collar sts, remove mrk, knit first 2 sts of steek, cast off next 5 sts, K1 (to end of rnd).

96 (100:112:120:128) total sts.

Beginning with a RS row (2 sts already worked at beg of row), shape back neck as follows:

Next row (RS): K72 (75:84:90:96) sts, (including first 2 sts), w&t.

Next row (WS): P48 (50:56:60:64), w&t.

Next row (RS): Knit to 7 sts before last w&t, w&t.

Next row (WS): Purl to 7 sts before last w&t, w&t.

Next row (RS): Knit to end of row, working wraps with wrapped sts.

Working wraps on next row with wrapped sts, continue as follows:

Next row (RS): K1, (K2, P2) to last 3 sts, K3.

Next row (WS): P3, (K2, P2) to last st. P1.

Work even in patt as set until collar meas approx. 7 cm from pick-up edge.

Cast off in patt.


Reinforce steeks by crocheting or sewing a column through the stitches, either side of the centre stitch, and cutting between these two lines.


Using 4mm circular needles, 80cm long, and yarn A, pick up and knit approx. 1 st for every row up one side of cut steek. Starting with a WS row, work 2 rows in st st. Knit 1 WS row.

Cast off knit wise on RS row.

Work other side the same.

Sew zip in place and fasten the steek flaps on the inside of the cardigan. Fold collar in half and secure collar cast-off to inside. Weave in all remaining ends. Wash the cardigan in hand-warm water using Navia Wool Care or another suitable wool wash, and rinse in successively colder batches of water. Reshape to desired dimensions and leave to dry on a towel.


Chart and Diagram