Cable tote knitting pattern

Tote knitting patternFinished Measurements

Width 18 1/2"/47cm

Length (excluding handle) 15"/38cm


2 skeins of Noro/KFI Silk Garden Sock in #S269

Size 6 (4mm) circular needle, 29"/74cm long, OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Three size 6 (4mm) double-pointed needles

Cable needle (cn)

Stitch marker


22 sts and 28 rnds = 4"/10cm over k5, p5 spiral using size 6 (4mm) needles.


3-Needle Bind-Off

1. Hold right sides of pieces together on two needles. Insert third needle knitwise into first st of each needle, and wrap yarn knitwise.

2. Knit these two sts together, and slip them off the needles. *Knit the next two sts together in the same manner.

3. Slip first st on 3rd needle over 2nd st and off needle. Rep from * in step 2 across row until all sts are bound off.

Stitches Used

4-st RPC Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to back, k2, p2 from cn.

4-st LPC Sl 2 sts to cn, hold to front, p2, k2 from cn.


With circular needle, cast on 200 sts. Join, taking care not to twist sts and place marker (pm) for beg of rnd.

Rnd 1 Knit.

Rnd 2 *K5, p5; rep from * around.

Rnd 3 Kfb, k3, *p5, k5; rep from *, disregarding beg of rnd marker (do not remove), cont to work in a spiral until piece measures approx 11"/28cm from beg, end with a p5 before original beg of rnd marker—201 sts.

Next rnd *K2tog, k3, p2tog, p3; rep from * to last 11 sts, k2tog, k3, p2tog, p2, p2tog—160 sts.

Next rnd K the knit sts and p the purls sts to last 2 sts, sl last 2 sts.

Beg inverse cable pattern

Remove marker, slip the last 2 sts from previous rnd to LH needle, replace beg of rnd marker.

Rnd 1 *4-st RPC, 4-st LPC; rep from * around.

Rnds 2-8 *K2, p4, k2; rep from * around.

Rnd 9 *4-st LPC, 4-st RPC; rep from * around.

Rnds 10-17 *P2, k4, p2; rep from * around.

Rep rnds 1-13 once more.

Next rnd Work 20 sts in pat (k the knit sts and p the purl sts), bind off next 40 sts, work in pat until 40 sts from bind-off and place these 40 sts on dpn, bind off next 40 sts, work rem sts in pat, remove marker, work next 20 sts.

Turn and work back and forth over 40 sts for strap as foll:

Row 1 K2tog, work in pat to end—1 st dec'd.

Rep last row 9 times more—30 sts.

Row 11 (dec) *K2tog, p2tog; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2tog—15 sts.

Row 12 Sl 1, work in k1, p1 rib as established.

Rep last row until strap measures approx 22"/56cm from dec row. Leave sts on hold on dpn.

Rejoin yarn to 40 sts on hold for opposite strap. Work rows 1-12 as for first strap—15 sts.

Join to end of first strap using 3-needle bind-off.

Sew bottom seam.