Shoulder bag knitting pattern

Bag knitting patternCarry your essentials in this fabulous textured tote! The aran-weight yarn is held double to give a super chunky fabric that knits up in next to no time. It's just the right size for packing your WIP when you're out and about. If you're a sewing fan, why not add a lining to your bag and strap to help it hold its shape when carrying heavier items.

Design by Nicola Valiji

Measurements & Sizes

31cm wide x 12cm deep x 29cm tall

Yarn: Rico Creative Cotton Aran, shade 43 Patina, ten 50g balls

Needles: 65mm

Button: 4cm

Sewing needle and thread

Tapestry needle

Tension square

• 14stsx19 rows = 10cm x 10cm

• Over pattern (yam held double)

• 6.5mm needles


Rows 2 and 4 of the main stitch pattern for the Front and Back require you to increase twice in the same stitch. To do this, knit into the next stitch but do not slip it from the left needle, move the yarn to the front of the work between the needles, then purl into the same stitch Again, keep the stitch on the needle. Move the yarn to the back of the work then knit intothe same stitch again. Only now do you drop the original stitch from the left needle.


Using 6.5mm needles and yarn held double, cast on 44 sts

Row 1 (RS): p

Row 2 (WS): k2, * (k1, p1, k1) all in next st, p3tog, rep trom * to last two sts, k2

Row 3: p

Row 4: k2, * p3tog, (k1, p1, k1) all in next st, rep trom * to last two sts, k2

These tour rows set patt

Work in patt until piecemeas 24cm ending after a Row t

K ten rows

Cast oft


Using 6.5mm needles and yarn held double, cast on 14 sts

Rows 1-5: k

Row 6 (WS): k6, cast oft three sts, k to end

Row 7 (RS): k5, cast on three sts, k to end

K 24 rows

Cast off


Using 6.5mm needles and yarn held double, cast on 18 sts

Row 1 (WS): (k1, p1) to end

Row 2 (RS): (p1, k1) to end

Rows 3-4: rep Rows 1-2

Row 5: (k1, p1) to end

Rows 6-9: k

Row 10: (k1, p1) to end

Row 11: (p1, k1) to end

Rows 12-15: rep Rows 10-11 twice more

Rows 16-19: k Rows 10-19 set patt

Work in patt until Strap meas 200cm or desired length

Cast oft 


Sew cast-on and cast-off edges of Strap together. Pin or clip Front and Back to Strap, position Strap seam along bottom edge of bag. With wrong side facing outwards, join

Front and Back to Strap. Turn right way out Attach cast-off edge of Buttonband to Back of bag in centre of top edge. Stitch button to Front of bag to correspond with buttonhole Weave in ends.