Children's jacket knitting pattern free

Children's jacket knitting pattern

Jacket knitting patternAGE 5 year


COLOR NO: 3552 (4 balls)


KNITTING STYLE: Knit, purl, 1+1 rib, 2+2 rib, slip stitch, cable design

ACCESSORIES: 6 buttons

BACK PIECE: Cast on 80 stitches. Apply the diagram to the stitches set up as purl 2, knit 2, purl 2, and so on. After knitting 30 cm for the body length, decrease 5+2 stitches at both ends for armholes. When knit length is 45 cm, center the stitches for neck opening and cast off 20 stitches in the middle at once and on the next row, those 23 stitches remained on shoulders in 3 steps to finish.

FRONT PIECE: Cast on 36 stitches and apply the diagram. After knitting 30 cm for body length, decrease 5+5+3 stitches at one end for armhole. When the body length is 45 cm, cast off 23 stitches on the shoulder in 3 steps. Knit the other front in the same way.

SLEEVES: Cast on 42 stitches and knit 5 cm of 2+2 rib. Set up the stitches as purl 16, knit 10, purl 16. Apply the cable design in the middle of the diagram onto those stitches worked as knit 10. Increase 9 times 1 stitch at both ends at every 6 rows to obtain 60 stitches. When sleeve length is 28 cm, decrease 4+3+2+12 times 1 stitch each at both ends on each row for armholes. When sleeve length is 42 cm, cast off the remaining 18 stitches at once to finish. Work the other sleeve in the same way.

COLLAR: Cast on 45 stitches and knit 1 +1 rib. When collar length is 36 cm, increase 12 times 1 stitch at one end on every knit row to obtain 57 stitches. After knitting 12 cm without increase, decrease 12 times 1 stitch at the end of increase at each knit row to drop to 45 stitches. When collar length measures 84 cm, cast off the stitches at once to finish. Sew the part of 12 without increase to the center back neck and the other parts to the center fronts. Make 3 times 2 buttonholes at 12 cm distance on the right center front.


Needle Diagram