Baby bonnet knitting pattern

Bonnet knitting pattern free


To fit ages 0-6 (6-12) (12-18) months.


1 x 50g (165m) ball of Rico Design Baby Classic DK (50% acrylic, 50% polyamide) in Azure (048).

Pair of 3mm (No.11) and 3 3/4mm (No.9) knitting needles.


28 stitches and 32 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over pattern, using 3 3/4mm needles.


K, knit; p, purl; st, stitch; tog, together; k2togb or p2togb, k2tog or p2tog through back of loops; sl, slip; inc, increase (by working twice into same st); dec, decrease (by working 2 sts tog); nil, meaning nothing is worked here for this size; yf, yarn forward to make a st.


With 3mm needles, cast on 79 (83) (87) sts. K 3 rows.

Change to 3 3/4mm needles.

Work 14 (14) (18) rowsinpatternason back, then work 1 st row again.

Beginning with 3rd row, thus reversing pattern, work another 36 (40) (44) rows in pattern.

Change to 3mm needles.

K1 row, dec 6 (2) (6) sts evenly across - 73 (81) (81) sts. K1 row.

Shape crown:

1st dec row: [K7 (8) (8), k2tog] 8 times, k1 - 65 (73) (73) sts. K1 row.

2nd dec row: [K6 (7) (7), k2tog] 8 times, k1 - 57 (65) (65) sts. K1 row.

3rd dec row: [K5 (6) (6), k2tog] 8 times, k1 - 49 (57) (57) sts. K1 row.

Continue in this way, dec 8 sts on next row and 3 (4) (4) following alternate rows -17 sts. K1 row.

Break off yarn and thread end through remaining sts, pull up tightly and secure. Join seam of crown and a further 12-14 rows of pattern section. Fold brim to right side and join the double edges. Make 2 twisted cords and attach one to each corner of bonnet.

Design by Pat Menchini