Smiley face cushion knitting pattern

Cushion knitting patternThese fun smileys and winkys are a great make for a youngster and are a fantastic on-trend home accessory. Whether it’s a goofy smile or a loving heart eyes, this modern way of communicating gets a plush re-vamp in this project. Why not make some blank cushions and get the kids to choose their favourite expression to stick on with felt?

Measurements & Sizes

Diameter: 30cm

Yarn: King Cole Big Value Chunky, shade (A) 828, yellow, three 100g balls (makes two cushions) 

Needles: 5mm double-pointed, 5mm circular (60cm)

Felt: red, blue, white, black


Sewing needle and thread

Sharp scissors

Tapestry needle

Cushion pad: 30cm diameter

Stitch marker

Tension Square: 15 sts x 24 rows = 10cm x 10cm in the round 5mm needles



Using 5mm dpns and yarn A, cast on eight sts. Join to work in the rnd, being careful not to twist

Rnd 1: (kfb) eight times. 16 sts

Rnds 2-3: k

Rnd 4: * k2, m1, rep from * to end. 24 sts

Rnds 5-6: k

Rnd 7: * k3, m1, rep from * to end. 32 sts

Rnds 8-9: k

Rnd 10: * k4, m1, rep from * to end. 40 sts

Rnds 11-12: k

Rnd 13: * k5, m1, rep from * to end. 48 sts

Rnds 14-15: k

Rnd 16: * k6, m1, rep from * to end. 56 sts

Rnds 17-18: k

Rnd 19: * k7, m1, rep from * to end. 64 sts

Rnds 20-21: k

Rnd 22: * k8, m1, rep from * to end. 72 sts

Rnds 23-24: k

Rnd 25: * k9, m1, rep from * to end. 80 sts

Rnds 26-27: k

Rnd 28: * k10, m1, rep from * to end. 88 sts

Rnds 29-30: k

Rnd 31: * k11, m1, rep from * to end. 96 sts

Rnds 32-34: k

Rnd 35: * k12, m1, rep from * to end. 104 sts

Rnds 36-38: k

Rnd 39: * k13, m1, rep from * to end. 112 sts

Rnds 40-45: k

Cast off

Sew running stitch around cast-on sts and pull tight to close, secure with sts


With WS facing, sew the sides of the cushions together, leave an opening large enough for the cushion pad. Insert cushion pad and stitch cover closed. Using images as a guide, cut out felt shapes and glue them into place using fabric glue. If you are giving the cushion to a small child, stitch these pieces into place.

Knit wise: It is important to join the round before you begin knitting, or you will end up with a hole. First, lay your needles on a flat surface and make sure that none of the stitches are twisted. If they are, when you join in the round, you will get a kink in your knitting that you won't be able to undo. Hold the needles so the first cast-on stitch is on your right-hand needle and the last cast-on stitch is on your left-hand needle. Slip the first cast-on stitch from the right needle to the left needle, then move the last cast-on stitch (now the second stitch on your left needle) on to the right needle. Place a marker in the first stitch so you know where your round begins and ends.

Design by Jane Burns