Yoke sweater knitting pattern

Sweater knitting patternWith its sweet Christmas tree yoke and waist detail, this is the perfect casual yet festive sweater.


To fit: 80[88:96:104:116]cm (31 1/2[34 3/4:38:40 1/2:45in)

Actual measurement: 90[98:106:114:126]cm (35 1/2[39:43:44 1/2:49]in)

Length to Back neck: 64[66:67:68:71]cm (25 1/4[26:26 1/4:26 3/4:28]cm)

Sleeve length: 40[41:42:42:44]cm (16[161/2:17:17:18]in)

Figures in square brackets refer to larger sizes: where there is only one set of figures this applies to all sizes.


Rowan Cocoon 80% Merino wool, 20% kid mohair (approx 115m per 100g)

7[7:8:9:10] x 100g balls 802 Alpine

6.5mm and 7mm circular needles 100cm long

1 set each of 6.5mm and 7mm dpns (or use circular with magic loop)

Stitch holders

Stitch markers

Row counter

Note: Yarn amounts given are based on average requirements and are approximate.


14 sts and 16 rows to 10cm over st st using 7mm needles.

Use larger or smaller needles if necessary to obtain correct tension.


This is a traditional circular yoke sweater with a reverse stocking stitch tree motif.

It is designed to be worn loose and has a generous yoke. The garment is worked in the round so that there is little finishing to be done.

When working the yoke, as the st count gets less, the last decreases of the round will cross over the marker and decreases will occur within the charted sts. Replace marker after last decrease is worked.

BODY (worked in rounds)

With 6.5mm needles cast on 128[136:144:160:170] sts.

Join to a rnd, taking care not to twist stitches, and pm for start of rnd.

Twisted rib rnd (RS): (K1 tbl, p1) to end of rnd. Rep last rnd 9 more times.

Change to 7mm circular needles.

Set Chart

Next rnd: (K5[6:7:5:6] sts, work 11 st of Chart row 1 rep) 8(8:8:10:10] times.

Cont as set until all 27 lines of Chart have been completed, then cont in st st until work meas 40[41:42:42:44]cm (16[16 1/2:17:17:18]in).

Divide for Front and Back

Next rnd: K7[8:8:9:9] sts past m, place last 10(11:11:13:13] sts worked on a holder.

Do not break yarn. Set aside.

SLEEVES (both alike)

With 6.5mm dpns (or circular needle and magic loop method) cast on 32(34:38:40:44] sts, join to a rnd, pm.

Work 10 rnds in Twisted Rib as given for Body. Change to 7mm needles.

Cont in st st, inc 1 st either side of m on every foll 6th rnd, until there are 42(44:46:50:52] sts.

Cont without shaping until Sleeve meas 40(41:42:42:44]cm (16[16 1/2:17:17:18]in).

Next rnd: K5(5:5:6:6] sts past m, place last 10(11:11:13:13] sts worked on a holder.

Break yarn, leaving a tail.


K54[57:61:67:72] sts from Body, place next 10(11:11:13:13] sts on a holder, k32[33:35:37:39] sts from Sleeve 1, k54[57:61:67:72] sts of Body, k32[33:35:37:39] sts from Sleeve 2, pm. 172(180:192:208:222] sts.

Work one round, at same time dec 2[-:dec 2:inc 1:dec 6] sts evenly.

170[180:190:209:216] sts.

Next rnd: K22[23:25:28:30] sts, replace m to indicate start of first motif, (work 11 sts of Chart row 1, k6[7:8:8:7]) 10(10:10:11:12] times. Last rnd sets Chart.

Shape yoke

Keeping Chart correct and moving m as described in Pattern Notes, dec for Yoke as foils:

Size 1 only

Dec rnd 1: (Work 11 sts of Chart, k1, skpo, k2tog, k1) to end of rnd (150 sts).

Knit 6 rnds.

Dec rnd 2: (Work 11 sts of Chart, skpo, k2tog) to end of rnd (130 sts).

Knit 6 rnds.

Sizes 2 and 5 only

Dec rnd 1: (Work 11 sts of Chart, k2, s2kpo, k2) to end of rnd. 160[192] sts.

Knit 6[7] rnds.

Dec rnd 2: (Work 11 sts of Chart, k1, s2kpo, k1) to end of rnd. 140(168] sts.

Knit 6(7] rnds.

Sizes 3 and 4 only

Dec rnd 1: (Work 11 sts of Chart, k2, skpo, k2tog, k2) to end of rnd. 170 [187] sts.

Knit 6(7] rnds.

Dec rnd 2: (Work 11 sts of Chart, k1, skpo, k2tog, k1) to end of round. 150(167] sts.

Knit 6(7] rnds.

All sizes

Dec 20(20:20:22:24] sts every 7[7:7:8:8]th rnd to 70(80:90:99:96] sts, decreasing no of sts between decs.

Cont in st st until Yoke meas 24[25:25:26:27]cm (9 1/2[9 3/4:9 3/4:10 1/4:10 1/2]in) in depth.

Sizes 3, 4 and 5 only

Next rnd: (K7[7:10] k2tog) to end of rnd.

80(88:88] sts.

Shape neck

Next rnd: K35[40:40:44:44] sts, pm to indicate Back neck.

Change to 6.5mm needles.

Work 5 rnds in Twisted Rib as for Body.

Cast off loosely in rib.


Darn in ends.

Graft underarms for the neatest finish OR use a three needle cast off OR cast off all underarm sts and sew seam. Block following manufacturer's instructions.

Design by Pat Strong

Chart and Diagram