Striped skirt knitting pattern

Skirt knitting patternSIZE S (M:L:1XL:2XL)


Rowan Cotton Glace (DK weight; 100% cotton; 115m/126yds per 50g ball)


1 pair 3mm (UK 11/US 3-2) knitting needles

1 pair 3.25mm (UK 10/US 3) knitting needles

Length of 2.5cm wide elastic to fit around waist

2 buttons

18cm zip


22 sts and 43 rows to 10cm over garter st on 3.25mm needles

SKIRT(knitted sideways)

Using 3.25mm needles and yarn D, cast on 136 sts.

Working in garter st throughout, work in stripes as folls:

Rows 1 and 2: Using yarn D.

Rows 3 and 4: Using yarn C.

Rowrs 5 and 6: Using yarn B.

Rows 7 and 8: Using yarn A.

Row s 9 to 16: As Rows 1 to 8.


Row 17: Using yarn D, K128, w&t.

Row 18: Using yarn D, K to end.

Row 19: Using yarn C, K114, w&t.

Row’ 20: Using yarn C, K to end.

Row 21: Using yarn B, K100, w&t.

Row 22: Using yarn B, K to end.

Row 23: Using yarn A, K86, w&t.

Row 24: Using yarn A, K to end.

Row 25: Using yarn D, K72, w&t.

Row 26: Using yarn D, K to end.

Row’ 27: Usingyarn C, K58, w&t.

Row 28: Usingyarn C, K to end.

Row’ 29: Using yarn B, K44, w&t.

Row 30: Using yarn B, K to end.

Row’ 31: Using yarn A, K30, w&t.

Row 32: Using yarn A, K to end.

Rows 33 and 34: As Rows 29 and 30.

Row s 35 and 36: As Rows 27 and 28.

Rows 37 and 38: As Rows 25 and 26.

Rows 39 and 40: As Rows 23 and 24.

Rows 41 and 42: As Rows 21 and 22.

Rows 43 and 44: As Rows 19 and 20.

Rows 45 and 46: As Rows 17 and 18.

Rows 17 to 46 complete godet.

Now working across all sts,cont in striped garter st as folls:

Rows 47 and 48: Using yarn A.

Rows 49 and 50: Using yarn B.

Rows 51 and 52: Using yarn C.

Rows 53 and 54: Using yarn D.

Row s 55 to 60: As Rows 47 to 52.

Rep last 60 rows 9 (11:12:14:16) times more, ending with RS facing for next row.

Cast off.


With RS facing, using 3mm needles and yarn A, pick up and knit 166 (186:216:243:276) sts evenly a long shorter row-end edge of skirt section.

Beg with a P row, work in st st for 10 rows, ending with WS facing for next row.

Row 11 (WS): Knit (to form fold line).

Beg with a K row, work in st st for 10 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.

Cast off.


Do NOT press.

Fold waistband in half to inside along fold line row and sew cast-off edge in place on inside. Thread elastic through waistband and sew ends of clast ic securely in place at each end of waistband, then sew ends of waistband closed.

Join cast-on and cast-off edges of skirt section to form centre back seam, leaving scam open for 18cm (measured from pick up row of waistband). Insert zip into this opening. To fasten ends of waistband, attach 2 buttons to one end of waistband and make 2 button loops to correspond at other end of waistband. Gently block to measurements, following any yarn care instructions on the ball band.

Design by Lisa Richardson